27 March 2006

Mind, Body and Spirit Health and Healing: Some Quotes from the Holy Writings

Now that the fasting period is over and spring is officially in the air, here are a few quotes to ponder regarding mind, body and spirit health and healing through material and physical means, and through spiritual and heavenly means. Unless otherwise indicated, all quotes are from the Master, 'Abdu'l-Baha.


Connection between material and spiritual things

"Between material things and spiritual things there is a connection. The more healthful his body the greater will be the power of the spirit of man, the power of the intellect, the power of the memory, the power of reflection will be greater."

"I hope thou wilt become as a rising light and obtain spiritual health,
as spiritual health is conducive to physical health."



"The spirit of man is itself informed and strengthened during meditation... Through it he receives Divine inspiration, through it he receives heavenly food."


Spiritual Causes of Disease

"If humankind ... lived according to a natural, inborn equilibrium, without following wherever their passions led, it is undeniable that diseases would no longer take the ascendant, nor diversify with such intensity. But man hath perversely continued to follow his lustful appetites, and he would not content himself with simple foods. Rather, he prepared for himself food that was composed of many ingredients, of substances differing one from the other. The result was the engendering of diseases both violent and diverse."


God's Healing Power

"There is but one power which heals -- that is God. The state or condition through which healing takes place is the condition of the heart. By some this state is reached through pills, powders and physicians. By others through hygiene, fasting and prayer. By others through direct perception. All that we see around us is the work of mind. It is mind in the herb and in the mineral that acts on the human body, and changes its conditions."

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04 March 2006

Fasting and Prayer…What a Combination

“Verily I say, fasting is the supreme remedy and the most great healing for the disease of self and passion.” -- Bahá’u’lláh

Of course the focus of many Bahá’ís during this season is the Fast, and I am no exception.

I was just browsing through Dr. Elson M Hass’ book entitled “The Detox Diet: The How-To & When-To Guide for Cleansing the Body of Sugar, Nicotine, Alcohol, Caffeine, Chemicals and more…” He has a section on Fasting and Juice Cleansing and I was wondering if anyone out there in cyberland had used his material during the fasting period?

This evening I tried his Spring Master Cleanser formula to break the Fast after the sun went down. I must admit that the cayenne pepper which is part of the mix did have some kick to it, but the taste was not unpleasant and I managed to drink it all down, slip by slip.

Here’s his recipe for the master cleanser. You probably already have all the items in your home to make the formula if you are so inclined to give it a shot.

Spring Master Cleanser

2 Tablespoons fresh lemon or lime juice

1 Tablespoon pure maple syrup (up to 2 tablespoons if you want to drop less weight)

1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper

8 ounces spring water

Mix and drink 8-12 glasses throughout the day. Eat or drink nothing else except water, laxative herb tea, and peppermint or chamomile tea. Keep the Cleanser in a glass container (not plastic) or make it fresh each time. Rinse your mouth with water after each glass to prevent the lemon juice from hurting the enamel of your teeth.

From The Detox Diet by Elson M. Hass, M.D.....

Of course Dr Hass has an Autumn Rejuvenation Ration which includes other wholesome goodies to partake of during a 3 to 5 day Fast during that time of year.

I don’t know if I will try the entire program he advocates in his 128 page book packed with a stop-smoking brew, under his nicotine detoxification section but I will certainly read his sugar detox section since I have been trying to slide that monster out from under my bed since time immemorial.

Hass' book is worth a read


Well, I had thought I would take this Fasting time to write an e-book on Social Security Disability and how to get an accurate decision in the least amount of time but it just was not materializing. So instead I have decided to do some more work on a prayer book that I have in the works.

Today has been fruitful as I finished the introduction and the personal commentary in the “Why we pray” section of the book.

Yes, this project will be much more suitable to the calmness of the Fast than the Social Security project.

Earlier when I mentioned to a friend that I was writing a book on prayer which would include prayers for the family, husbands, women, protection, aid and assistance, etc., the first word that came out of her mouth was “Stormie OMartian.” She noted this author’s name was synonymous with the Book of Prayer. Said I should check her out next time I was at the bookstore.

So that’s what I did later in the day. The format of this author, from what I gathered from thumbing through the pages of her Book of Prayer was that she begins with a full paragraph of commentary and ends each page with a very small bit of scripture. My plan would be to give full prayers as revealed by the Prophets, Manifestations and Mouthpieces of God as the meat and potatoes of the page, with perhaps a small bit of commentary at the end if needed.

Do you have a better idea? Your comments are welcomed.

We’ll see what the final product looks like.

Til next time…