23 May 2006

USDA Food and Nutrition Research Brief Focuses on Healthy Weight Loss

Healing Quotation:
"... if a doctor consoles a sick man by saying, 'Thank God you are better, and there is hope of your recovery,' though these words are contrary to the truth, yet they may become the consolation of the patient and the turning point of the illness. This is not blameworthy."
-- Abdu'l-Baha in Some Answered Questions

Hi friends,

It's been awhile since we last talked. Why haven't you called?

I was just reviewing this Food and Nutrition Research page which contains a lot of useful short articles on dieting and healthy weight loss, including the use of copper, grains and other natural substances to help you reach any weight loss goals.

The page is here:

Since one never knows how often pages changes, you may wish to go there now to take a brief look.

Seems I'm noticing more and more articles on weight loss with the introduction of my new healthy weight loss site . Have you visited yet? I'm building a free collection of weight loss guides that give you good information on how to naturally loss weight without pills, potions and snake oils.

Visit the new site here at: http://healthy-weight-loss.recallinghealth.com/

Friends, my website building program is currently sick and has the "asiatic flu" so I have not attempted to do any updating to my Recalling Health to Mind Body and Spirit site since it only messes up the pages already on the site. Until this problem is rectified I'll just plan to send you updates through the email. Hope that is ok with everyone.

A lot has happened since March and the Fast, so I'll plan to update you in the next edition of Healthy Servings, the newsletter.

Hope you're happy and well.

To your health,