27 July 2008

Can A Weight Loss Shake Really Taste Good?


It has been a semi stressful week. But I made it through. Thank God.

In addition to trying a new “weight loss” drink mix, I started something else that was equally as new.

I say that because I have never been on a weight loss kick in my life. Just not my style. But I messed around and signed up for a weight loss challenge at my 9 to 5 j.o.b. and the results had been disasterous. I think the problem came from focusing on the weigh-ins each Friday. So what did I do to cure that: I stopped weighing in. I was getting heavier and heavier with each weigh in.

Ok, so the new weight loss shake supplement actually does taste darn good. I added some sliced peaches to it--out of the can--and would have added some fresh blueberries and frozen strawberries and bananas if I had had them. Along with the drink, the company sent me a 40-page little soft cover booklet that had some great simple recipes for making the shakes. It probably had a lot of additional info in it, but I still haven't taken the time to review it.

I have to tell you that I only discovered the recipe, instruction booklet after asking my sister how to use a regular blender to make a shake. Since I do not do alcoholic drinks, I really didn't have a clue. So the little booklet was a lifesaver for me because I got some great ideas as to what to add to make the drink really delicious. As I tried the drink, and shared it with my sister and her male friend, we all agreed that this was a shake that someone wanting to loss weight could drink with no hesitation.

You can say what you want, but if something doesn't taste good, it will eventually be tossed aside. Of course I do not plan to substitute the drink for two meals a day as recommended because that would be too much like a real diet. So I will see what happens. I did take a packet of the mixture to work two days later, together with the plastic shaker container with lid that was included in the package, so that I could have the dietary supplement for lunch.

Then, too, I took a thinly spread peanut butter sandwich, no jelly, with me for that lunch, just in case I felt I needed it. This was my backup because I find that if I don't get a full filling when eating, I will end up snacking at break time and that is never good unless you've got something really nutritious to snack on. Otherwise you are right back to square one with the calories.

All in all, the lunch turned out ok. In fact, it was 9 p.m. that night when my mom asked me what I had had for dinner and I had to tell her “nothing”, and yet I did not feel hungry. (See what peanut butter will do for ya -- or was it the weight loss shake? :) -

Ok...next we talk about this other new thing I started this week.

Till then,

I'm LoTheNightingale

Recalling Health with a Delicious Weight Loss Shake,

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