20 December 2005

Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Financial Blessings for the Asking Using this Simple 9 Step Formula

Stop that Wining Child…
On Moving Back Home to Live With My Father

--Are you stressed out about your bills?
--Did you just get fired from your job?
--Has your husband or wife (spouse or significant other) left you – for good this time?
--Are you in debt up to your eyeballs?
--Are they threatening to take your house away because you can’t meet the mortgage payments? Have they declined your mortgage loan application?
--Are your children just looking for a reason to hit the streets and run away from home?
--Do you have your own alcohol/smoking/drug addiction to handle?
--Are you grossly overweight—obese?
--Struggling with promiscuity? Latent homosexual tendencies? Been celibate too long?

Or do you have some other mental, physical, financial or spiritual problem that you need some help with?

Well, today is your lucky day

You’re invited to participate in my free 19 day MSW program.

This program is guaranteed to work for you or your money back.

In other words, if you don’t log/register/experience at least one miracle or spiritual blessing in your life within this 19-day period, then I will gladly refund your complete purchase price, including shipping. Oh…silly me, there is no money to refund…it’s free.

Okay, here are the ground rules for the MSW program participation. The only requirement for this is that you must have a belief in a higher power (i.e. a belief in God or any of His divinely appointed Messengers):

Here are the 9 steps you must take to reap the benefits of the MSW (My Spiritual Weapon) program:

1) Identify up to nine current problems that you are facing.
2) Write these problems down on a piece of paper.
3) Write down any solutions that you can think of for each of these problems.
4) Now, toss out both pieces of paper. That’s right—trash these papers. These are probably just updates on solutions that you have tried before, the same solutions that have not worked for you before, so just toss them out. You’ve heard the saying that you can not solve a problem with the same mindset that created the problem in the first place.
5) Now. Here is the most important step in the process. Read this phrase every day for at least five times a day (more if you think about it): “Thank you (God) for everything. I have (absolutely) no complaints whatsoever.”
6) Repeat this phrase everyday for 19 days.
7) At the end or beginning of each day, write down any good things or unusual or unexpected positive things that you have experienced throughout the day. Good things might include any special blessings that came to you. Blessings can take the form of a good feeling that seemed to appear out of nowhere; financial blessings that come from a known or unexpected source; spiritual blessings, such as feeling more love towards someone, being kinder to others, or feeling love that others have shown toward you. Blessings may also take the form of your developing a new way of viewing your problems, and your taking action and following through on any new solutions that come to mind.
8) While you are saying your phrase each day, think about what it means. Imagine that you are an adult child who has been having some problems that have resulted in you having to move back into your Father’s home. Remember when you were a child and how all your needs were provided for. You did not have to worry about the rent; you did not have to worry about getting food or clothes. All your needs were provided for by your parents. Now that you are back home with your Father for the next 19 days, all you have to do is say “Thank you Father for everything. I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever”. This statement is true because even when you were fighting with your siblings or wanting candy that was bad for your teeth, your father always had a solution and took care of everything. He showed you ways to get along with the other children at school. Try to get in the habit of knowing that while you are in your Father’s home, everything will be taken care of. All you have to do is your part. When you were a child, that meant you got up, dressed, had breakfast and went off to school. As an adult in your Father’s home, all you need to do is figure out a way to serve him. So you might also begin your day by asking “Father, thank you for everything. How may I serve you today?”. Then wait for an answer. When it appears that an answer presents itself, act on it at once.
9) Get involved in some activity that allows you to be of service to others. “Service is the magnet that draws the confirmations of the Merciful One”, and since you are seeking divine confirmations, by being of service to someone/others, this is one sure way to receive your blessings.

Editor’s Note: From time to time, I will be randomly setting up such experiments designed to increase your blessing. Each time I discover new ways to increase the miracles in my life, I plan to pass it on to my readers. Sign up to be notified of when this blog is updated if you wish to be kept informed of any new experiments which cost you nothing to implement, but which may change your life for the better.

Til next time…

This is Lo and I got to go…'cause I’m running for my life.

Geek Squad / Customer Service at Best Buy Store Leaves Computer Consumers to Fend for Themselves…

A “UB-The-Judge” Complaint: Spotlighting Bad Customer Service, Lousy Customer Service or No Customer Service

Best Buy

Store Location: Raleigh NC (Store 821)
6101 Capital Blvd
Raleigh, NC 27616-2943
Phone: 919-876-1003

As I entered the Best Buy store on Capital Blvd during a recent visit, I was immediately struck by the Volkswagon Beetle that was parked just to the right of the Best Buy store entrance. The “Geek Squad” advertisement was prominently painted all over the vehicle.

I had two customer service issues when I entered the store and had brought my computer’s CPU with me to return if I could not get the problems resolved.

One issue was the fact that Best Buy’s rebate center personnel (via phone) had decided not to honor a $320 rebate which I was entitled to based on a computer purchase I had made on Black Friday. So I had decided to visit the store to talk to a real person to try to resolve the issue. The first young lady--who might have been an assistant supervisor in Best Buy’s customer service department--took care of that issue and offered me some options as to how to requalify for the rebate. Basically, I would need to purchase a $50 printer to go with the computer bundle in order to qualify for the $320 rebate. So I made the purchase even though I had no respect for the Lexmark brand due to previous issues with its overall quality.

The second issue was a Geek Squad issue. Microsoft, as part of their selling effort, had placed a 60-day trial version of Microsoft Office on the new computer. And I, already having a disk for Microsoft Office, had elected to delete this trial software and install the version I already had. Well, long story short, poor Microsoft software programming had led to my not being able to use my Microsoft Outlook program on the new machine as a result of this. That would not have been so bad except that as a virtual assistant operating a home-based business, it was crucial that my email program be working.

So for 90 minutes the Geek Squad person worked to delete hidden files, etc., to get the Microsoft Outlook program to working, but nothing was working. After all the failed attempts, the Geek Squad person said I was within 30 days so I could have the CPU replaced. So he sends me to the computer department to get the same model.

Now it’s five minutes before the 10 p.m. closing time, and some slickly dressed young woman (who might have been the supervisor) shows up from out of nowhere and asks what the issue is, proceeds to tell me that because I was outside of the 14 day return policy that I would need to take my non-working CPU home as it was, even though the operating system would not allow installation of my Microsoft Office software. I had purchased the machine on 25 November, and it was now 17 December, and she was in effect saying that I was just out of luck. She offered to let her geek squad look at it again, but it would cost me by the hour. Now, this is the same geek squad that had just spent 90 minutes trying to fix the problem without success.

I asked her if it was fair to place the burden of fixing a new machine back on the consumer when her Geek Squad could not fix the problem, and then she informs me that Best Buy is not responsible for software issues. So in effect, Best Buy peddles these e-Machines with the Microsoft trial version software preloaded onto them which causes a problem for everyone and Best Buy does nothing to fix the problem.

What Stellar/Excellent Customer Service would have looked like in this situation:

Best Buy would have offered to uninstall any Microsoft Office trial version from all CPUs containing this program. Free of charge.

What Good Customer Service would have looked like:

Best Buy would have included an instruction sheet with each e-Machine it sells explaining upfront how to uninstall Microsoft Office trial for those customers who had no intention of purchasing the full product. Best Buy would uninstall the software for free to customers who experienced problems.

What Bad Customer Service/Poor Customer Service/No Customer Service looks like:

Read story above for details.

Best Buy sells/peddles e-Machines with pre-loaded software that is known to create problems for users, offers no support, and has a Geek Squad not trained to fix such problems. Best Buy places on its computer shopping customers the burden of not being able to fully use the merchandise it sells and offers no remedy, save that the customer has to incur additional expense to fix a non-working new machine.

So the question: bad service, lousy service or no service? UB the Judge.

Well this is Lo and I gotta go …cause I’m running for my life.